Monday, April 14, 2008

Boycott China? How About Texas

Let me be clear that I don't support polygamy. However, I do find it hypocritical that in our society it is political incorrect to oppose gay marriage, yet it is still acceptable to ostracize a polygamist family composed of consenting adults.

But even though I believe polygamy is wrong, I want to voice my opposition to what is happening in Texas. The latest news is that over 400 children have been separated from their mothers on the grounds that children are not allowed to stay with their parents when abuse is suspected. My question: Where is the evidence that each of the 400 children have been abused? I say prosecute the abusers, but leave the rest alone.

The blog Messenger and Advocate has been following this issue. It's certainly possible that things the women are saying aren't true, and that some of what we are hearing on M&A is one sided. There is certainly reason to believe there may be some manipulation going on. But as long as there is no specific evidence of abuse, that doesn't matter. Even if the women are lying, if there is no proof, Texas has no right to take the children.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more Mike. Warren Jeffs is a Nehor in my book but I know enough about the fundamentalists to know that they think what they are doing is about family, ie, raising up a righteous seed. I therefore highly doubt that 400 kids are all being abused. So yeah the underage marriage is sick but by and large I think most of those people are just peculiar living their lives their way. I am actually grateful to see somebody (you) posting something about the injustice of having kids seperated from their moms. I had thought I was the only one cuz I dont ususally see much sympathy from us regular LDS.

David West

Mike said...

David, Thanks for you comment. I actually almost didn't post this, because I worry about giving the impression that I am sympathentic to a polygamist sect. And I do believe that their secrecy is cult-like, and it's likely that under-age marriages and child abuse are happening there. So the last thing I want to do is give the impression that LDS are symphathetic to that.

However, this is not about polygamy in my mind. And even if some bad things are happening, it is not just to punish the entire community for the crimes of some.

Anonymous said...

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