Monday, February 11, 2008

If I Didn't Have Kids

I thought of doing this post this morning, but now this post at Times and Seasons is making me feel guilty for it. But I hope it's understood that I don't mean to judge anyone else, nor to deepen the wounds of the suffering. This is just about my own personal experience.

It's amazing how different my life would be with no kids. If I didn't have kids:

1) I could spend more effort at work and be great at it and make lots of money. My wife could work as well, so we could buy a bigger house with lots of rooms that would sit empty.

2) I would spend more quality time with my wife and we would be 100% devoted to each other. Over time we would know everything about each other, and then suddenly have nothing to talk about.

3) I could follow my dream of becoming a singer-songwriter and become rich and famous (maybe), but I wouldn't have anyone to dance when I make up songs, no matter how bad they are.

4) I could exercise every day and really get it shape so I could live a long life, and then spend my older years with no one to visit me.

5) I'd never have to deal with teaching my kids how to make good choices, sometimes fruitlessly, and probably I wouldn't learn how to make good choices in the process.

6) I would get a lot more sleep and... well, I'd be less tired. Sorry, there's no bright side to that one.

Yes, my life would be a lot different without kids. If only I could choose it all over again, I would.


Kullervo said...

You can do all that stuff with kids, you just choose not to.

Mike said...

Technically correct, Kullervo. But "If I Didn't Have Kids and Choose to Make Them a Priority Over Other Things that Are Important to Me" was didn't have a good ring to it as a title.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break. There are good and bad things to both sides, and this is such a Hallmark cards simplification that it kinda makes me wanna fwow up.

Mike said...


I was sharing a personal note, not making some grand point. I apologize if it somehow offended you. Certainly hope you are feeling better.